As part of the project Jämtkraft is planning to create fish passages around their hydropower dams in Billstaån (Hackås). The measures are designed to recreate the free migration routes for fish and other organisms between lake Näkten and lake Storsjön. Billstaån has been used for hydroelectric power for a very long time causing migratory barriers and we are delighted that these measures now will take place.

Jämtkraft will now start the process for obtaining environmental permits for the actions in Billstaån. As one part of the process they will hold a public meeting at Hackås föreningshus on February 12 at 18:30. At the meeting they will explain their planned actions, and if you have questions or comments, there will be the opportunity to present them directly to Jämtkraft.

Contact Jämtkraft: Ragnar Asklund: 063-14 93 46 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.