Life & Natura 2000

The brown trout has been one of our key species in the project. 



Our aim has been to create healthier habitats and long-term clean water in the lakes, with ecosystems that are more resilient to external changes. For some of the actions we have seen direct results, others will take longer. Some examples of what we have achieved already during the project period are:

  • 275 000 m2 of restored habitat 
  • 59 km flowing habitats that are not currently available due to migration barriers
  • 800 m2 functional spawning areas for fish
  • stronger populations of typical species, such as freshwater pearl mussel

We have continuously evaluated the work during the project period. We hope that our work in the project will lead to increased awareness of the landscape´s water as a resourse, more sustainable use of land and water and long-term reduced supply of nutrients and sediments to aquatic environments. 


Restoration work started

We are now in the middle of our first field season and there is a lot of work waiting to be carried out. Unfortenately we have a [ ... ]

Startup seminar!

On Monday, Februari 16, we will hold a Triple Lakes startup seminar in Brunflo. Länsstyrelsen together with other organizations [ ... ]


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