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  • Foto: Lars Häreblad

    Arctic char, a species that the project works to help. Photo: Lars Häreblad

  • Lake Locknesjön with lake Storsjön in the Background. Photo: Magdalena Torsbrink, SGU.

  • Reed cutting in the lake Locknesjön outlet.

  • Restoration of watercourses.

  • There is plenty of life in our waters!


Triple Lakes was a collaborative project for healthier aquatic environments and cleaner water between the years of 2014-2019. We have worked in and around the lakes Lockne, Näkten and Revsundssjön that all three are excellent lakes and examples of Jämtland nature at it's best!

The aim of the project has been to reduce both historical and present environmental impact and thereby strengthen the ecosystems. The overall goal has been to keep the water clean and clear, strengthen the biodiversity and allow these lakes to maintain their good qualities also in the future.

Are you interested in fishing or water conservation? On these pages you can read more about the project, but you are of course also welcome to contact us at the County administrative board of Jämtland.