The project has aimed to preserve a healthy environment for the future.


Lake Revsund, lake Lockne and lake Näkten are three large lakes located southeast of Östersund in the county of Jämtland. All three are cold, clear water lakes with high conservation values,  all designated as Natura 2000 sites. Although these lakes exhibit high natural values, they are not unaffected. There are signs of eutrophication problems in parts of the systems, as well as the inflows have been rectified, cleaned or dammed in connection with drainage, logging or hydroelectric recovery.
The County Administrative Board of Jämtland initiated a project to work to reverse negative trends and to maintain and strengthen ecosystems in the lakes in the long term. After a long application process, the European Commission accepted the County Administrative Board's application for co-financing of a water conservation project and the work could then be started.
The project has aimed to reduce both historical and contemporary environmental impact, and it includes both concrete, physical improvements of habitat and the conditions of different species, as well as dialogue processes and training to increase awareness of water, and the need for water conservation in land use.