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Information about the project

Magazine Triple Lakes

A magazine that covers most of the work that has been carried out in project Triple Lakes.

Triple Lakes - a project

A book about experiences and new issues from working with project Triple Lakes.

A set of information signs from our demonstration area for environmentally friendly forestry

1. Entrance Bodsjöstrupen

There is a path along Skidån where you as a visitor can get more knowledge about foresty in proximity to water.

3. Passages across water

Where roads and water meets

4. Pre-commercial thinning of reparian zones

A reparian zone is a transition area between land and water environments, where the land area has an effect on the water environment.

5. Entrance Skidån

You are now by Skidån that flows from Fageråssjön to Bodsjön, which in turn runs out into Revsundssjön.

6. Ancient trees

Ancient trees are trees with high nature value of one kind or the other, that considerably differ from the rest of the stand.

7. Thinning inside a riparian zone

Forest management with focus on continuous canopy forestry. When thinning it is important to maintin or develop a functional riparian zone.

8. Cultural monuments

Water in the service of man.

9. Crossing - wooden bridge

Before a forest machine can pass a watercourse or ditch a bridge has to be made.

10. Clear felling with riparian zone

Bufferzone adjacent to water.