Protection of water Resources

Sewage installations in good condition that meet current requirements for purification are important to avoid bacteria, viruses, drug residues and nutrients entering surface or groundwater. It is not uncommon for bad drains to contaminate both drinking and bathing water. To prevent this from happening, the municipalities in the project area have carried out an inventory of individual wastewater. For the lake Näkten the municipalities have drawn up a water protection plan that contains regulations for lake use. Näkten are an important drinking water resource and have, with the plan, been given protection for the future.

During the entire project period, we have taken samples of the water to investigate, in particular, the levels of nutrients. It gives us a good blend of what the water quality looks like today and also provides a good basis for future follow-up.

Sampling and analysis of water quality is of great importance for monitoring the different actions in the project.